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Year 6

Y6 Residential

Monday 4th May


Hello Year 6, 


Just a reminder that all activities and stories will now just be available on Seesaw so make sure you log in regularly!

We are so proud of the learning you are doing at home and we look forward to seeing lots more from all of you!  

See you soon 👋🌈

Team Grange Farm, together even when we are apart. We miss you all, stay safe and know we are all still here and will see you soon 🌈

Y6 Home Learning, Summer Term: 

We will be using Seesaw to set work going forwards, so please make sure you get your login and activate your account. Using Seesaw means you can share your learning with us and we can reply to you.  We will post learning here on the website next week (Monday 27th April) for the final time. We will also move the daily story to Seesaw as well. Now we have some time to see how you learning from home is going, and having spoken to you about it, this is what we will be setting most of you each week: 

Writing: 1 activity per week to last several days with drafting, editing and producing a polished piece. Grammar tasks to support your writing will also be included. 
SPaG: A SPaG mat to complete daily, and spellings for the week alongside a new, wider menu of activities. 
Reading: We will set at least one RIC task and a comprehension each week, there may be a longer task too. We also want you to keep stamina reading your own books or the online books on Oxford Owl each day. 
Maths: There will be mighty maths/flashback sheets each day and a link to the White Rose Maths website which shows a 'teaching' video to help with home learning and then some linked questions. We also want you to keep working on those vital times tables every day. 
LCC: There will be a task uploaded each week for you to try, often these will be open ended so you can use your creativity! 
Some of you may have different tasks and learning sent through to this list, so we can help you in the best way. 
The timetable we will add is a suggestion about how long to spend on each task, but it is really up to you what you do each day and how you can fit your learning in with what is happening at home. For example, you may do more on one day and have one day with less to do. Please just complete as much as you feel able each day, it would be lovely to see some of your learning shared with us on Seesaw so we can comment on it and let you know what has gone well and help you with any difficulties and improvements

Suggested Timetable, Y6

Welcome back after your Easter break! We hope you all kept safe and well and found ways to enjoy the sunshine. Here is your English for this week, please keep reading any books you have at home or the books on the Oxford Owl website each day too. We will keep reading 'Holes' from today too, that is on the video library part of the website.

Maths for the first two weeks after Easter...

Here is the work that has been set for you on angles for the first two weeks back after Easter.It is the same work that has been sent out in your pack but it has different flashback cards and more worksheets. It also has helpful videos to remind you about how to calculate angles. If you click on the link below and select 'Week 2' all the work and the answer sheets will be on there for you to do.(Don't click W/C 20th as we are just catching up on some of the work that we missed last term). Don't worry about the measuring angles section as you probably don't have a protractor and it will be tricky to measure them on the computer/ipad!

What was the Battle of Britain? This week in LCC, we would like you to research and create a timeline of the events of the Battle of Britain. You should do your own research (or use my notes on the word document if that helps!) and organise it into a timeline with a layout of your choice. I've attached some example layouts that you could use... But be creative - you're really good at that!

Year Six 

Mrs Wilson, Miss Davis, Miss Sutcliffe and Mrs Sefton, with Mrs Riley, Mrs Boyle and Mrs Price hope that you all stay well and safe while school is closed. We will miss you all very much at school, but will be calling you to keep in touch and putting videos and extra learning ideas on here - so do keep looking back frequently. New items will be added below. You are all very special to us, so please do look after yourselves :) 


Good morning, it is Monday 30th March. Here is the news... to read, consider and discuss!

Guide for finding the videos we are uploading and using the website on a phone...



Across the country, children are drawing rainbows and putting them in their windows to show hope and to give others something to look out for as they get their daily exercise. Let's spread some joy Year 6 - get some rainbows - big or small - up in your windows to remind us all that beautiful things come from stormy times :)  

Maths for this week: week beginning 30th March.

25th March, from Mrs Wilson. 

Hi all, it's been lovely hearing from so many of you when we call that you are staying well (and home) and completing some of the things we sent, as well as some of your own topic and art ideas. We are getting more packs ready for you for after the Easter Holidays, but more about that later!  If nobody answered this week when we rang (and we haven't tried everyone yet) then hopefully next time we'll be able to catch up. Remember to use the links on the website for extra ideas and if any adult in your house is on twitter, then if they follow the school account (@GrangeFarmLS14) ideas are going on there. Stay safe, we miss you all :)  

Hi Year 6,

If you go to the the children’s drop down menu, under the ‘Video Resources’ section you can listen to the first 3 chapters of our new class book, Holes by Louis Sachar. ðŸ“– We will add to this often so keep looking back! 

A few parents have been ringing up asking for an example timetable that the children can follow. The one below is based on what we would usually do in the school day-feel free to use this with the children if it helps!

Home learning: if you're healthy, then keep yourself fit!! 

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on his Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.


He says of it: ‘It’s a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there is no PE. Don’t worry, I’ve got you – I’m going to take this over.  ‘I’m going to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic. So tune in Monday morning 9am and every day Monday to Friday. It’s a 30 minute session for little kids right up to secondary school to get involved and have fun. We’re going to be doing loads of basic exercises, you don’t need a lot of room.’ smiley



Here are some links to direct you to some websites that will help with your learning whilst you are at home. We will keep adding more, so do keep looking back :) 

Ingleborough Hall Residential: November 2019. Fabulous learning and experiences in the outdoors...and no rain!

Saying goodbye can be so hard...but also so much fun! :) #Y6Leavers2019 #teamgrangefarm

#Leavers2018 #Teamgrangefarm #year6rule #bffs #allthelols

World Book Day fun!


Miss Davis, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Bolland and Mrs Sefton welcome you to the Year 6 page. Working alongside us in our classroom are Mrs Boyle, Mrs Price and 

Mrs Riley.


Year 6 is an exciting time– the transition between Primary and Secondary education, so we want it to be a unique and memorable time. We have an exciting year ahead with our Learning Challenge Curriculum. We will be answering questions such as 'How is a battle lost or won?' and 'Why were the Greeks Great?'


In our learning at school, we will all be working to the best of our abilities and encourage parents to ensure the same happens at home with weekly homework and spellings. Each week, children will receive homework in grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths. It is also expected that they will read at home at least three times a week.  Homework is due back in school by Tuesday the following week. 


There is a lot of hard work preparing for the National SAT tests in May, and all support that parents can give at home with hearing children read/rehearsing times tables will be hugely valuable. The children are tested in reading, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling. We try to balance this hard work with plenty of fun - honest!


Some of the upcoming highlights the children can look forward to are:

· Our annual residential visit to Ingleborough Hall – always a fantastic experience.

- Working with the Young Shakespeare Company.

· Plenty of exciting school trips with links to our fantastic Learning Challenge Curriculum!


If you'd like to discuss anything, please just come and see us.


**Please make sure your child has a white t-shirt, dark shorts/trousers and trainers to change into for P.E.**


Year 6 Leaver's Disco - Everyone had a fabulous time at the disco. Banging tunes, a photo booth, balloons,sausage rolls....what more could you want?!?