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Attendance, Absence & Holidays

Regular attendance is very important for all pupils so that the continuity of their learning is not disrupted in any way and to develop lifelong healthy routines and expectations.

The attendance of all pupils is closely monitored. Our Parent Support Advisers, Mandy Firm and Vicki Welsh support children and families to improve attendance and punctuality - please get in touch if you need help or advice.


In cases of absence for illness, parents must always inform the school by letter or telephone, giving the reason for their child's absence. In cases of absence for dental or medical appointments, parents should inform the class teacher in advance whenever possible and must collect their child from the school office. Please do not remove your child from the school premises without making the teacher/office aware that he/she is about to leave.

Teachers do not administer medicines in classrooms. School will only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, where the medication has to be given four times or more per day. If a child requires medication, parents must contact Mrs Devaney in the school office, complete appropriate forms and ensure that the nominated person has all of the necessary information to administer the medicine safely.

Children cannot be excused swimming or PE lessons unless a letter from the parent is received giving reasons.