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Pupil Premium & Sports Premium

Disadvantaged (formerly Pupil Premium) Funding


The disadvantaged funding grant for our school for 2020-21 is £348,254. This grant has been carefully targeted to have the optimum impact on outcomes for our children - please see the 'Disadvantaged Grant Allocation 2020-21' report for details of proposed actions, costs and projected impact.

 Please see the reports below which detail how the grant has been used in previous years, and the impact.

We also receive Sports Premium: The government has provided additional funding of £150 million per annum to improve provision of physical education (PE), sport and physical activity in primary schools. The grant for 2018-19 increased to £19,420. This enabled us to provide an exciting range of fun and challenging sporting opportunities for our pupils of all ages and abilities to enhance cultural capital.

Please see the attachment below for details on how we planned to spend this grant in 2018-19, our key priorities and spending and impact for previous years.