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Support your child's learning through the pack sent home or via the class pages on the 'children' tab below.

Year 3


The teachers in Year 3 are - Mrs Gilpin (3Blue), Miss Williams (3Red) 


The support staff are: Miss Higgins, Miss Matthews and Miss Ellis


Hi year 3! We hope you are all keeping safe! Here are some things we would like you to do at home this week:



Can you write a non-fiction report about the Stone Age? You could impress your family by teaching them everything you know about it! You could write about Stone Age homes, animals, weapons, tools, food, cave art, or anything else you can remember!


Have a look at this website if you need some extra information:




Can you practise finding fractions? You could divide your dinner into equal pieces or share sweets, coins or other objects into equal groups to share with your family. Alternatively, you could draw a cake or pizza and cut it into equal pieces. Can you divide objects into halves, thirds, quarters, sixths and tenths? 


Go to to find a maths lesson for every day that we are off school. There is a video to watch and a worksheet to complete for every lesson.


Here is a song all about fractions for you to practise:


Don't forget about TT Rockstars, and keep practising the times tables songs!



The Design Challenge!


Can you create your own rocket?


You could make it out of lego, card, paper, k-nex or anything else you have in your house! Or you can draw your design on paper. Take a photo of it, and if you can't upload it to our website, you can keep it to show us when school opens again.


 We hope you are staying safe. We hope to speak to you all this week, and look forward to hearing all about your home learning.


Mrs Gilpin, Miss Williams, Mr van Loo, Mrs Turner, Miss Ellis, Miss Higgins and Miss Matthews