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Home Learning wb Monday 19th July

Home Learning wb 22nd February- Dinosuars.

Home Learning wb 1st February- Three Billy Goats Gruff

Our Home Learning wb 18th January- We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Home Learning wb 4th January 

We hope you are all enjoying your time with your families. Below are our 'Home Learning' activities for this week. This week are are focusing on 'Winter' as our topic.


We would love to she some photos of you completing your activities on Tapestry.


Welcome Back!

It has been absolutely wonderful to begin to welcome our children back to Nursery this week. We have really missed all of your smiley faces! The children have been amazing and have loved exploring Nursery and being back with their friends! We are looking forward to welcoming more new friends in the coming weeks.


The Teachers in Nursery this year are Mrs Cowgill and Miss Williamson, supported by Miss O'Neil, Miss Shackleton and Mrs Rowland. 

Learning Pyramid 13th July- Summer. We hope you enjoy this week's activities based on Summer. We hope you all have a great summer holiday. We have missed seeing you all lots and can't wait to see you all in September!

Our Learning Pyramid this week- All about dinosaurs!

Our Learning Activities. 22nd June. We love to see your pictures on Tapestry.

Our activity pyramid for this week all about nursery rhymes!

Our Learning pyramid. 8th June.

wb 1st June. Our activity pyramid this week all about mini-beasts. Thank you to everyone who has uploaded photos onto Tapestry. It has been lovely to see what everyone has been doing.

Our Learning Activities for the Week Beginning 18th May- Thank you for all the wonderful pictures on tapestry, it's lovely to see what you are getting up to. We are continuing with 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Have a good week!

WB Monday 11th May

Our Activities wb 11th May. Please use the link below to find lots of ideas for new activities. This week lots of them are based on the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Thank you for all the pictures we have been receiving on Tapestry. It is so lovely to see what the children have been doing.

Click on the PDF attachment to see our learning Pyramid.

Please choose which activities you would like to do, they go up in order of importance, our priority is that you all stay safe, happy and healthy. 
As always we appreciate anything you up load to tapestry. Just a smiling face brightens up our day.


Team Grange Farm!

Still image for this video
Keeping smiling and stay safe! Can you spot any familiar faces?

Hello Everybody - Miss Lee's Music

We love Miss Lee's music lessons in Nursery. She has sent some video so you can sing together at home!

W.B Monday 27th April.

Nursery Activity Pyramid

Please use the pyramid below to choose some activities to support your child's learning from home. Below it I have also saved it as a PDF so that you are able to click on the links for the activities. We hope you have fun and remember to upload your pictures onto Tapestry! If you are viewing this on a phone and the writing on the picture below is too small to read, click on the PDF and you will be able to zoom in.

Instructions on how to use the activity pyramid. Please remember to take photos of your child's learning and add them to Tapestry. We love to see what you have all being doing.

Nursery Activity Pyramid wb 27.4.20. You should be able to use this to click on the weblinks for the activities on this week's pyramid.

Friday 24th April


Phonics- Sound Hunt!

Listen to the song to learn the sound.

Go on a sound hunt around your house.

What can you find beginning with ‘a’?

Draw what you can find and share it with us on tapestry!

Thursday 23rd April


Andy's Wild Workout! 

Which one did you choose? We would love to see a video on tapestry. 

Wednesday 22nd April

Funky Fingers! Help your children to develop their fine motor control by asking them to put pegs around the edge of a bowl. Or you could ask them to peg around a book or picture. If they need a further challenge you could ask them to put a given number of pegs on their bowl. For example "Can you put 4 pegs on?" This helps to develop finger strength and control to encourage early writing skills.

Sheep Craft. Can you make a sheep? You could print with a milk bottle top (or similar lid) or use cotton wool for the wool if you have some at home! There are some ideas below to help you. We would love to see a picture of your sheep on Tapestry!

Tuesday 21st April


Can you join in with the words to 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'?

Monday 20th April

We hope you've all had a lovely Easter at home with your families! Below are a few activities for you. Remember to ask a grown to take a photo of you doing your learning (it doesn't have to be the activities listed here) and upload them to your Tapestry account. We'd love to see what you have all been doing. 

Colonel Crockles the Crocodile | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Motor Skills - Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

Can you choose your favourite song to dance with scarves to like on the video or dance along with the children on the video? Then you a felt tip or pencil to squiggle whilst you wiggle just like on the video?

Friday 3rd April


We have uploaded two videos onto the video resource centre on the school website. To find them go back to the home page, select the 'children' tab and then select 'video resource centre' and then scroll down to 'Foundation One'. Your children can then watch a video of Mrs Cowgill singing and Mrs Williamson reading 'Peace at Last'. This is a story and song that Nursery know really well so encourage your child to join in with the words, they may even remember so actions from when we learnt the story. 


We would love to see what you have been doing. You can post photos of what the children have been doing on Tapestry by selecting 'add observation'. 

Thursday 2nd April

Easter Counting! How many eggs can you find? How many butterflies? How many lambs? etc. Encourage your child to point to each image as they count.

Can you make a drum kit from pots and pans? You can play your drums using a wooden spoon. Practice how to play your drums quiet and loud.

Wednesday 1st April

One of the children's favourite dances at Nursery!

Can you make a den?! You could even make it outside if the weather is nice!

I Spy Game- If your child is moving into Reception in September you can use this sheet to play 'Phonics I Spy.' For example- You say 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with s' (saying that letter sound sssss rather than letter name) Encourage your child to spy an object beginning with that sound. The sheet contains objects beginning with the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n. For the younger children in Nursery, you can help to build their vocabulary and concentration by simply say the name of an object and ask them to find it, then ask them to name one for you to find!

Tuesday 31st March- Ladybirds!

Ladybirds For Kids

Spring is in the air! I have seen lots of ladybirds in the garden today! Watch this video to find out about ladybirds!

Ladybird Art! Could you paint stones to make ladybirds for your garden? If you can't find any stones you could paint a ladybird on paper. We would love to see your work on Tapestry!

Home Learning Activities- Monday 30th March

Spring Chicken Song

Can you learn the words to 'I'm a Spring Chicken'? You could send a video or you singing it to us on Tapestry.

Easter Craft. Can you use a potato masher or fork and yellow paint to create these cute Easter chicks? We would love to see the photos of your work on Tapestry.

Just Dance Kids 2014 A Pirate You Shall Be

Family Friendly Gaming ( is pleased to share this game play video for Just Dance Kids 2014. Want to support Family Frien...

One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive

Encourage your child to join in with the words of the rhyme and use their fingers to count up as they sing. Number rhymes are a great way to develop early counting skills .

Singing Hands: The Wheels on the Bus - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton Signing: Join us on a vintage London Bus! This song is featured in our second nursery rhymes DVD "It's Signing Time 2". All songs feature Makaton sig...

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure for younger kids based on the lovely story by Michael Rosen, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Join Jaime as we try to catch a big one...

Rainbow Craft

Lots of children across the country have been putting up rainbows in their windows to spread a little cheer. Could you help your child to paint or collage a rainbow for your window? We would love to see your rainbow pictures on Tapestry.