Early Years Leaders: Miss Wheelwright and Miss Scarr


Class Teachers: Miss Wheelwright and

Mrs Williamson (cover)

Supported by: Miss O'Neill and Miss Sowray





In Nursery (Foundation 1) we strive to provide every child with the best possible start to their education. We understand and appreciate that attending nursery is a big event in your child’s life. We work in partnership with parents and carers, as we acknowledge the importance of the parents/carers voice. You know your child the best and by working in partnership we hope to have a deep understanding of your child’s interests, needs and personalities.


In nursery your child will be surrounded by rich learning opportunities, a calm and nurturing environment, and highly experienced and qualified members of staff. Each child will be allocated a dedicated key worker.


A typical day in nursery includes:


  • Circle time – time for children to ‘check in’, discuss their feelings and learn skills to self-regulate their emotions.
  • ‘Free flow’ - time for your child to access the classroom and outside provision.
  • Story time – We share a story on the carpet whilst we drink our milk and have snack (fruit/bagel)
  • Group time – Your child will join in with activities with their key worker group.
  • Tidy up time
  • Fine motor – 'dough disco' or fine motor activities to develop finger strength such as threading, using tweezers or using pegs.


In nursery we have a self-service lending library. Your child will be provided with a lending library bag. You will then be able to choose a book with your child to share at home and swap it when you have finished. This service is built on trust, so we ask that you sign the book out and return it in good condition for other children to enjoy and share with their families.


Part of our curriculum is to explore the outdoors; we spend a lot of time outside in nursery either in the school forest or in our outdoor provision. Your child may come home with some dirt on their clothing. We suggest sending old coats into nursery and wellington boots. We encourage children to wear aprons when they are painting and exploring water play but I am sure you will appreciate that sometimes we can get messy!


If your child requires a nursery place, please contact the office for a Nursery admission slip. We offer 15 hour and 30-hour places.