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How Classes are Organised

The school is organised into year groups:

Foundation Stage- Nursery 3/4 year olds Reception 4/5 year olds
Year 1 5/6 year olds
Year 2 6/7 year olds
Year 3 7/8 year olds
Year 4 8/9 year olds
Year 5 9/10 year olds
Year 6 10/11 year olds



School Session Times





8.45am to 11.45am

12.15pm to 3.00pm

Lower primary

8.55am to 12.15pm

1.15pm to 3.00pm

Upper primary

8.55am to 12.30pm

1.25pm to 3.00pm


Each class group has a teacher responsible for ensuring balance, continuity and the progression of learning experiences within the school curriculum.

We are committed to a programme of mixed ability teaching providing equality of educational opportunity for all pupils. Within the classroom a flexible approach is employed. Children are taught in groups or as a whole class and sometimes individually. We aim to support the vast majority of children to master their age appropriate curriculum by identifying areas of difficulty and offering same-day intervention wherever possible.

The school has an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of Curriculum Leaders who offer expertise and practical support, driving forward improvements and developments in their subject.

Beginning School
Children normally begin school in the school year in which they reach their 5th birthday. A lot of children who join our Reception Class [ Foundation 2 ] will have spent some time in our Nursery [ Foundation 1] .The Nursery and Reception staff work closely together ensuring that the Nursery children are familiar and feel at home in the main school before they start. Parents are also invited into the Reception Class to meet the Reception teachers a few weeks before their children are due to start school.