Health and safety information

Sight, hearing and other routine childhood health checks are carried out by school nurses.


We require at least one emergency number when your child starts school. This is in case your child is ill or has an accident and we need to contact you urgently. It is your responsibility to ensure that school is kept up to date with your contact details.


Children are not allowed to bring sweets, chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks to school to eat at break times, as we are a healthy school and work hard to promote healthy choices.


Some children travel to school on scooters. We ask that scooters and bikes are not ridden on the school grounds so that we are all safe.


Mobile phones are not allowed in school. Children should drop their device in the school office at the start of the school day and collect it at the end of the school day. To comply with safeguarding and general data protection regulations, visitors are kindly requested not to use their mobile devices whilst in school or on the school grounds.


Dogs are not allowed on the school grounds or in the school building, unless they are registered for a particular reason (e.g. guide dogs).