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Governing Body

The governing body consisits of:

A headteacher, 2 elected parent governors, a local authority governor, an elected staff governor, 6 co-opted governors, 2 foundation governors. Each governor is assigned to a specific year group which they are involved with. They will visit and help out, and become familiar with the children and staff. This helps the governors and the children better understand the roles and responsibilities of the other. Governors also visit school regularly to find out about developments in teaching and learning and share in our successes.


Our current governors are:

Jo Geary (Headteacher)

Julie Davis (Chair)

Ben Farrar Staff Governor

Rebecca Broughton-Read

Katie Dye

Tom Kerrane

Rod Manners

Beverley Minns

Amanda Nuttall

Donna Rogers

Brian Selby


Contact school 0113 2930120 for any information regarding the school governors.