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Governing Body

Contact school on 0113 2930120 or for any information regarding the school governors.


The governing body consisits of:

Two elected parent governors, one local authority governor, one elected staff governor, one headteacher, six co-opted governors, two foundation governors. A total number of 13 governors.


Our current governors are:

CHAIR: Julie Davis (Foundation Governor) 

Rebecca Broughton-Read (Vice Chair Foundation Representative)

Christine D'Avoine (Elected Parent Governor)

Cllr. Katie Dye (Local Authority Governor)

Liz Davis (Elected Staff Governor)

Damien Barron (Parent)

Ben Farrar (Co-opted Representative)

Amanda Nuttall (Co-opted Representative)

Michelle Whittaker (Co-opted Representative)

Vacancy (Co-opted Representative)




Meet Our Chair Of Governors!


Julie Davis

I am currently the Chair and have been a member of the Governing Body of GFPS for over 25 years. Both my children and I attended GFPS. I have enjoyed every minute of my involvement with school and am proud to be a part of the team that work with the whole team at school to ensure that all our children benefit from the excellent teaching and care provided and the continuous on going excellent opportunities our children receive at GFPS.