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Personal Social Health Education at Grange Farm

At Grange Farm, we believe that PSHE is an all day every day subject. It underpins our whole school ethos and is embedded in everything we do as a class and as a whole school.


We study seven key areas in PSHE lessons:

Physical health and well being -

Keeping safe and managing risk

Identity, society and equality

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education

Mental health and wellbeing

Financial capability and wellbeing

Sex and relationships education


Our whole school ethos covers personal attributes which we discuss regularly and reward explicitly  – for example verbally, by giving ethos tokens and in celebration assemblies. It is these attributes which make our children who they are and the adults they become.


Our inspiring PSHE lessons are innovative, inclusive, active and needs led. We have adopted the Leeds scheme of work. We adapt this to allow us to respond to real life experiences and to ensure that the units taught are relevant to the children.



Coaching takes place every week. It is a valuable time where the children are allocated small groups led by the different adults across school. This allows the children to have another trusted adult in their lives. The groups stay constant each week and over the years. As the children transition from one year group to the next, their group loses the older children who move to high school and gain younger children who move into the phase.

Each week the groups have a stimulus (video clip, question, piece of text, photograph) and discuss it in the secure setting of their group. This helps to embed our Social Emotional Areas of Learning as well as improve the children’s confidence spoken language and questioning skills. This is an incredibly positive and thoroughly enjoyable  time of the week for all!