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Impact statement 2018 - 2019


A coach from Leeds Rhinos was deployed to provide CPD for the teachers. This enabled staff to achieve a greater skill level as evidenced through triangulation of monitoring information and teacher questionnaires.


The Rugby Foundation has had a positive impact on the children in foundation 2 and years 2 and 5.  An increasing number of children are joining out of school local rugby clubs. After the successful launch last year of a fitness club, the Rhinos coach continued to target a specific group of year 5 and 6 children as well as a group of year 4 children in the summer term. This had a very positive impact on all those that took part, increasing their fitness levels, health awareness and enthusiasm for sport.


 Working in collaboration with the cluster, 5 Trust competitions took place over the year. This provided a fantastic opportunity for 150 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to take part in an athletics, hockey and tag rugby, cricket and football tournament. With A, B and C teams taking part the competitions it created opportunities for lots of children to take part in a competition that have not previously done so. Working closely with PE leaders from the Trust has also supported the subject leader in continuing to improve whole school PE provision.

We have continued to use PE Passport at Grange Farm: This is an easy to use app on the Ipad providing staff with planning and an effective way of making assessments, including photographic evidence. Information regarding after school clubs and participation in competitions stored on the app highlighted an increase in numbers of children taking part in both.

We employed a coach from Leeds Rhinos to teach dance to foundation, year 4 and year 6. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and it provided CPD for the teachers. In other year groups staff have continued to use the Imoves website. Through the provision of planning, music and other resources staff confidence and skill levels in the teaching of dance have increased. This has had a positive impact on the children with increased participation and enjoyment of lessons. Staff used the activity bursts and fitness challenges in the classroom as part of the children’s fitness routines.

Lunchtime provision provided by Next Generation increased to three times a week: They continued to provide activities for all year groups which have enhanced the range of activities on offer to children at lunchtime. They have continued to engage more children in physical activity.

Through Next Generation, Leeds Rhinos and skilled members of staff, a broad range of after school clubs have been provided, which increased the number and target group of children involved in out of school hour’s activities.

As well as the Trust competitions children from across Key stage two have taken part in various competitions including: Sportshall Athletics, Tag Rugby, football matches and the Brownlee triathlon. This had a positive impact on self-esteem, motivation levels and parental engagement.

For the first time this year, we organised a swimming gala for the year 4 children. Thirty six children of differing swimming abilities worked in teams and took part in 4 different challenges. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves; it increased water confidence and interest for swimming as well as encouraging team work.

Olympics Sports Week was a huge success for all the children at Grange Farm. The popularity of our new Sports day format has continued to grow, with 100% participation from all children in the circuit of events. Whilst completing the circuit the children are grouped in their coaching teams. They have formed strong bonds within their teams, working together and supporting each other. Further activities during sports week were Foot Golf led by Next Generation and circus skills led by OneDayCreative. This year, we hired the climbing wall for two days which enabled all children from years 1 through to year 6 to have a go. They thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the wall. Having purchased several sets of Bocchia last year, the children were keen to improve their abilities in the sport this year. This is a game of skill that children of all fitness levels benefitted from.