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French Curriculum Statement

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin


“If children’s entire school experience has been designed to push them through mark scheme hoops, rather than developing a deep body of knowledge, they will struggle in later life.” Amanda Spielman



Pupils learn best when their curiosity is engaged. We teach French through songs and interactive activities, and link the language to the culture of the Francophone world so that children will be inspired to improve their language skills. Key questions and clear learning objectives are used to plan lessons. 


  • Each lesson clearly sets out what pupils are expected to know at the end of each unit of teaching. Specific French vocabulary is taught in every lesson.


  • To ensure a broad and balanced curriculum, French is taught through bespoke schemes of work and, where possible, cohesive links are made to the LCC or specific festivals.



  • In order to be long term, learning should be meaningful and provide real experiences for children. As well as teaching French language, we link learning to aspects of French culture so that children can gain a deeper understanding in context.


  • Each year group in KS2 builds upon the learning from the previous year so that by the end of KS2 children have a secure knowledge of basic French grammar and vocabulary.


  • Grange Farm is an inclusive school. Within the teaching of French, all pupils have access to the whole curriculum and are supported to make progress. Teachers respond to individual needs and support appropriately, ensuring all children are exposed to the correct level of challenge.