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GFPS follows the National Curriculum 2014


From September 2014, what was known as 'ICT' has been replaced by a new and exciting Computing curriculum.


IT is a high priority at Grange Farm; we are continuing our strong focus towards using Information Technology and developing pupils' IT skills and we are starting to extend our experience with teaching the new Computing skills. Staff and Pupils use IT extensively in our school. All pupils access our modern IT Suite every week. There are ‘SmartBoards’ in all classrooms enabling teachers to create their own presentations to support teaching and learning and a large screen and projector in the hall. There are PCs in all classes with Foundation, Years 3, 5 and 6 also having their own banks of PCs or laptops. All staff have laptops with the latest software. We have over 80 Ipads in school with a mobile provision where all pupils in a class can use an ipad. Additionally Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 have their own bank of ipads for pupil use. The development of pupils using ipads in classrooms is one of our exciting and innovative projects.

Each year in IT we learn different programs and skills. Each half term sees a different focus to develop skills in using the Keyboard, Literacy, Problem Solving, Art & Design, Animation, and using the Internet. Internet Safety is important to us and there is useful guidance on the following Web Sites -  and


Pupils can access some of our programs at home - see the 'Home Learning' link.