At Grange Farm we are Caring, Hardworking, Independent, Respectful and Tolerant and Proud - WE CHIRP! Take 10 minutes to learn to read, to love to read . . .



                                                GFPS follows the National Curriculum 2014


Imagine being able to enter a World where you can do anything; live under the sea, fly to the stars or create amazing machines to tidy your bedroom! This is the power of Literacy. From Nursery through to Year 6, the children are immersed with letters, sounds, experiences and ideas that give them the power and tools to succeed in all areas of life.

Literacy is a vast subject, incorporating the more traditional elements of phonics, spelling, presentation, writing and reading; alongside role play, drama, ICT links, speaking, listening and group work. Within a Literacy lesson, the possibilities to learn are endless and this is highly visible through the enthusiasm and engagement of the children. However, the teaching of Literacy is not confined to the daily lesson, and appears throughout the school curriculum, reinforcing and developing vital skills. We also make valuable links between our Literacy and our LCC theme.


Through the teaching of Literacy, the children are supported and challenged appropriately for their age and ability to become independent learners. Children strive to achieve and take pride in their work, whether in a whole class or smaller group setting. The result of this is the development of children who are equipped to achieve and to question; to find answers and to create.


We encourage parents to continue Literacy learning at home. In addition to the day to day support which parents give such as reading words in the supermarket, to visits to the library or postcards from days out, parents can further their child’s learning through the completion of daily reading and weekly spelling homework.


This year we are focussing on improving our reading and have bought lots and lots of new books for you to choose from.

We use the DfES scheme for letters and sounds and have several reading schemes, including Oxford Reading Owl and Pearson Education, Bug Club.


You can gain free access to some of The Oxford Owl Books - 

Every child has access to the on-line reading page, Bug Club -